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1. (n.) a television broadcast

2. (v.) broadcast via television

< 13th Nov, 2018 — squarely

Previous Words of the Day

Date Word Definition
13th Nov, 2018 squarely (adv.) In a square form or manner.
12th Nov, 2018 vagaries (n. pl.) of Vagary
11th Nov, 2018 uncurtained (adj.) not provided with curtains
10th Nov, 2018 sederunt (n.) A sitting, as of a court or other body.
9th Nov, 2018 skipper (n.) One who, or that which, skips.
8th Nov, 2018 fortin (n.) A little fort; a fortlet.
7th Nov, 2018 thaumaturgics (n.) Feats of legerdemain, or magical performances.
6th Nov, 2018 calotype (n.) A method of taking photographic pictures, on paper sensitized with iodide of silver; -- also called Talbotype, from the inventor, Mr. Fox. Talbot.
5th Nov, 2018 mineshaft (n.) excavation consisting of a vertical or sloping passageway for finding or mining ore or for ventilating a mine
4th Nov, 2018 subcylindrical (adj.) Alternative form of Subcylindric
3rd Nov, 2018 potecary (n.) An apothecary.
2nd Nov, 2018 variously (adv.) In various or different ways.
1st Nov, 2018 kerbstone (n.) See Curbstone.
31st Oct, 2018 lithotyped (imp. v. part.) of Lithotype
30th Oct, 2018 endosporous (adj.) Having the spores contained in a case; -- applied to fungi.
29th Oct, 2018 strawman (n.) an effigy in the shape of a man to frighten birds away from seeds
28th Oct, 2018 fossiliferous (adj.) Containing or composed of fossils.
27th Oct, 2018 unbewitch (v. t.) To free from a spell; to disenchant.
26th Oct, 2018 trotter (n.) One that trots; especially, a horse trained to be driven in trotting matches.
25th Oct, 2018 redented (adj.) Formed like the teeth of a saw; indented.
24th Oct, 2018 pallium (n.) A large, square, woolen cloak which enveloped the whole person, worn by the Greeks and by certain Romans. It is the Roman name of a Greek garment.
23rd Oct, 2018 pokebag (n.) The European long-tailed titmouse; -- called also poke-pudding.
22nd Oct, 2018 delirancy (n.) Delirium.
21st Oct, 2018 patelliform (adj.) Having the form of a patella.
20th Oct, 2018 codification (n.) The act or process of codifying or reducing laws to a code.
19th Oct, 2018 bloodthirstiness (n.) a disposition to shed blood
18th Oct, 2018 pantheress (n.) A female panther.
17th Oct, 2018 nonsurety (n.) Insecurity.
16th Oct, 2018 strull (n.) A bar so placed as to resist weight.