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A palindrome is a word which is spelt the same way backwards as it is forwards.

Renner is a palindrome with the following meanings:

1. (n.) A runner.

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Some more palindromes

Word Definition
teret (adj.) Round; terete.
malayalam (n.) The name given to one the cultivated Dravidian languages, closely related to the Tamil.
madam (n.) A gentlewoman; -- an appellation or courteous form of address given to a lady, especially an elderly or a married lady; -- much used in the address, at the beginning of a letter, to a woman. The corresponding word in addressing a man is Sir.
neven (v. t.) To name; to mention; to utter.
hallah (n.) (Judaism) a loaf of white bread containing eggs and leavened with yeast; often formed into braided loaves and glazed with eggs before baking
put up (v.) preserve in a can or tin
tenet (n.) Any opinion, principle, dogma, belief, or doctrine, which a person holds or maintains as true; as, the tenets of Plato or of Cicero.
siris (n.) large spreading Old World tree having large leaves and globose clusters of greenish-yellow flowers and long seed pods that clatter in the wind
dewed (imp. v. part.) of Dew
Nauruan (adj.) of or relating to the island republic of Nauru or its residents
wow-wow (n.) See Wou-wou.
Tebet (n.) the fourth month of the civil year; the tenth month of the ecclesiastical year (in December and January)
sekes (n.) A place in a pagan temple in which the images of the deities were inclosed.
level (n.) A line or surface to which, at every point, a vertical or plumb line is perpendicular; a line or surface which is everywhere parallel to the surface of still water; -- this is the true level, and is a curve or surface in which all points are equally distant from the center of the earth, or rather would be so if the earth were an exact sphere.
race car (n.) a fast car that competes in races
carac (n.) See Carack.
tirrit (n.) A word from the vocabulary of Mrs. Quickly, the hostess in Shakespeare's Henry IV., probably meaning terror.
minim (n.) Anything very minute; as, the minims of existence; -- applied to animalcula; and the like.
deled (imp. v. part.) of Dele
Seles (n.) United States tennis player (born in Yugoslavia in 1973)
put-up (adj.) Arranged; plotted; -- in a bad sense; as, a put-up job.
pull up (v.) remove, usually with some force or effort; also used in an abstract sense
pull-up (n.) an arm exercise performed by pulling yourself up on a horizontal bar until your chin is level with the bar
civic (adj.) Relating to, or derived from, a city or citizen; relating to man as a member of society, or to civil affairs.
Xanax (n.) an antianxiety agent (trade name Xanax) of the benzodiazepine class
kayak (n.) A light canoe, made of skins stretched over a frame, and usually capable of carrying but one person, who sits amidships and uses a double-bladed paddle. It is peculiar to the Eskimos and other Arctic tribes.
Deified (adj.) Honored or worshiped as a deity; treated with supreme regard; godlike.
alula (n.) A false or bastard wing. See under Bastard.
puff up (v.) to swell or cause to enlarge
welew (v. t.) To welk, or wither.