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An anagram is a word which is spelt with the same letters of another word in a different order.

Anagrams of terin

Word Definition
inert (adj.) Destitute of the power of moving itself, or of active resistance to motion; as, matter is inert.
inter (v. t.) To deposit and cover in the earth; to bury; to inhume; as, to inter a dead body.
inter- A prefix signifying among, between, amid; as, interact, interarticular, intermit.
niter (n.) Alternative form of Nitre
nitre (n.) A white crystalline semitransparent salt; potassium nitrate; saltpeter. See Saltpeter.
terin (n.) A small yellow singing bird, with an ash-colored head; the European siskin. Called also tarin.
trine (adj.) Threefold; triple; as, trine dimensions, or length, breadth, and thickness.